Monday, January 25, 2010


Anya has entered the world of solid food. As of this evening I don't know if she has actually digested any yet, but we do our part by putting the stuff in her mouth! She tolerates it well. The boys continue to do well and are great big brothers.
I am doing well. I continue to feel fine. On Friday I went to see a surgeon and he quickly told me I have gallstones and inflammation and I need surgery to remove my gall bladder! Whhaaaa!?!?! I left there a little shell shocked. I have yet to schedule the surgery. With Anya still nursing and me still having a bunch of questions about my "condition" I want to take some time and get a second opinion before I lose an organ. We are praying for healing and for wisdom and taking one step at a time. I spoke to my Dr. today and they are going to arrange an appointment with a second surgeon. Hopefully this appointment will be more educational. We greatly appreciate your prayers at this time. In the midst of it I am very thankful I have no pain or discomfort. I am able to go about my normal routine. We will keep you posted!
Meanwhile, here are some photos!

The big cereal event!

mmmm, er, maybe . .

Hans: he has the guitar, the moves and the dimples to be a front man, WATCH OUT!!

Sunday afternoon: Introducing Anya to the finer points of decorating and gardening.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter entertainments

We are all doing well. It seems to be taking a while to get back in the normal swing, but it is coming. I think this week will be normal. Last week I had a gall bladder attack which was followed by a Dr. visit and some tests to find out what was going on. At this point I feel completely back to normal and the Dr seems to think it was rather random and I don't have much risk of another one. I will be meeting with a surgeon at some point here just to get their opinion. I am just thankful to be back to normal.
It has been very cold here, so we are finding fun things to do inside. Here are some recent photos.

Anya's bath on the kitchen counter

One day I made a tent for the boys.

Ethan thought Anya would enjoy being in the tent too:)

Becky came down one day

Anya in the Lego bin

Playing guitar

Hans has discovered that this is the best way to hear the guitar!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas photos

Christmas was very good, but busy this year. We had a great time with our family and traveling to see my parents. Unfortunately we all picked up a bug and spent the beginning of the new year at home recovering. Now we are all on the mend and ready to start the new year! Here are some photos.

Sunrise on Christmas, we were done opening presents by this time:)

Hans opening his guitar

Anya and her new clothes

first guitar lesson

Hans inspecting the new kitchen Grandma and Grandpa Miller got for him and Ethan

The bakers hats and aprons from Aunt Becky

Cooking away

Anya in the Lego bucket

Grandma Martin with Ethan and Hans

trying out the new paints at Grandma Martin's house

New Years Eve

Making the volcano the boys got from Uncle Sam and Bethany