Thursday, March 31, 2011

bad man

Ha ha ha! He just cracks me up!


This is my latest project: new pillow covers from old feed bags.

March Misc.

Life is going along well. We are eagerly hoping for spring. It is kind of frustrating when you wake up to snow though. Grrr! We are all well and happily busy. We ordered new cabinets and counter tops for our kitchen this week, so let the craziness begin!!

Anya and her new boots. She is at that stage where she will not stand still for the camera. She must come to me to see the picture right away!

All decked out for the EBI junior/senior banquet

Hans and Anya, my day time buddies:)

Yeah, we have that much fun at home during the day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Man! After two wedding posts I got FOUR adds for wedding stuff on my blog homepage!!

Earon's wedding III

Holly, me and Becky

Me and Tony, Bryan's brother

The Miller family

bridal party

me and Earon

outside with the furs on!

pleasant, happy wedding!
Congrats Earon and Bryan!

Earon's wedding II

The boys and Uncle Sam ringing the bell after the ceremony

Jeremiah and the random hand

Anya inspecting the pretty flowers

awww . . .