Wednesday, August 24, 2011

this afternoon

This was preluded by Ethan carefully dressing her in her costume and then giving her instructions as to what she was to do. I came into the porch to see her diligently and obediently whacking the screen door!! Keeps it interesting:)

August happenings

Sorry it has been a while. Blogger was giving me errors and I have been BUSY!

Anya enjoying her food at Sam and Bethany's baby shower

The cake I made for the shower

Explanation for following pictures. The Hamm side of Jeremiah's family has an annual kick ball game/reunion and each year it has a different theme. This years theme was 80's Prom or The Royal Wedding, hence the costumes:)

Anya loved her hat, the boys weren't so thrilled with theirs:)

Hans with his new best friend, Angelica, his second cousin

The whole crew

Becky and Anya


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

summer continued

Ethan, our soccer player!

Ethan and teammates!

Miles, our neighbor's son

Hmm, focused on . . something:)

partners in crime: Evie, Hans and Anya

Anya "ta-dah"

Mmmm, happiness is a s'more:)

After effects of s'mores.