Friday, April 25, 2008

moving day

It has arrived!! The house is almost all packed. We finished the kitchen today and there are only a few odds and ends to finish up. Tomorrow we will pack the truck and travel to my parent's house for a couple of days of relaxing before we finish the trip to New York. 

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Friday we met Jeremiah at Regent for lunch. It was our last lunch at Regent. I used to go meet him for lunch once a week when we first moved here. It was a beautiful day to be out (80-something). Ethan had a great time admiring the fountain. It is spring time in full force down here. 

Friday, April 18, 2008

Who is Who

Which is Hans and which is Ethan?? They certainly look like brothers!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ethan and Hans get along so well. Hans just loves Ethan and enjoys watching him and all of his antics. Ethan is starting to play with Hans more and more. The other night they were playing on the floor. Hans was thrilled to have Ethan close enough to touch him and pull his hair. He just lit up and was all smiles!

Hans rolled himself under the bed Sunday morning and was very content to study the bed frame and pull on the quilt. He is getting all over the place by rolling. It helps that some of the furniture is gone. He can roll the whole length of the living room now. 
Hans is in the stage right now where he just stares at the camera when we get it out. If he is smiling, he stops as soon as he sees the camera. I guess he is waiting for the flash or something. It makes it really difficult to capture his cute smiles and general happiness!
OH! One more Hans note, his first tooth started poking through this morning. Hurrah!! Hopefully happier days are ahead!


Saturday night Kevin and Megan had a good bye party for us. It was mostly people from our life group. It was nice to be able to see every one and hang out for a bit before we head out. We will definitely miss the friends we have made down here. Ya'll are marvelous!! We love you!

Kris and Penny

Kevin, John, Hans, Katie and Jeremiah

John and Hans (look at those chubby feet on Hans!!)

Arnold, Kevin, Evan and Jeremiah

Penny, Amanda and Arianna


Jeremiah's parents, John and Ginny, came down this past weekend to escort our piano up to New York. There was room in the truck to send along a bunch of other stuff too. It was nice to get some piles of boxes out of the house. It feels "normal" again, except the closets are all empty:) 
It is so weird right now. In one sense I would be ready to pack the truck, clean the house and leave tomorrow. I have done a lot of emotional packing and I am ready to go, especially after doing a round of good byes like I did this morning at MOPS. And yet, I come home and we are still here for 10 more days. I have a hard time having the ambition to do anything. There are no projects to start, packing is Ok, but most of the stuff we will need until the end so there is no point, and I don't feel like cleaning or anything of that sort. So, I mope around for an hour, going from computer to book to washing the dishes and then the boys wake up and I feel flat, because nothing has been accomplished. Tomorrow I will put my hand to the plow and accomplish SOMETHING!!  . .  maybe:) At least I will be home all day. 

This is real! A For Sale sign and a moving truck!

A special thanks to Kevin (on the left) who helped us move this piano twice! 

"Well, yesterday we . . "

Monday, April 14, 2008


Hans slept through the night last night!!! 6:30 PM to 7 AM. This is the first time since he was born. Sleep does still exist. That's all for now. I will post some new pictures soon.

Sunday, April 6, 2008



The NEEEEEEEEEWWWW Lighting and Mater shirt. He is quite pleased with it. (He is saying "cheese", which is what he says whenever we point the camera at him. Therefore, he is rarely smiling in pictures and more often than not has a goofy expression). The guitar is going to Goodwill, hence the reason he is allowed to play with it. 


 Ethan and Jeremiah playing guitar. 
Ethan wearing one of Jeremiah's flannel shirts. What a charmer:) 
Our solid little Hans, who is growing very quickly. 
Ethan at dinner, getting his share of camera time. 


This picture says it all. Boxes have become a standard feature in our life. The question is, for how long??  I don't like boxes. I like being settled. Boxes are equivalent to being un-settled. I will have a party when the last box is unpacked. Maybe we'll have some Vodka or burn the boxes or something. 
We really are moving. Yippee!! And yet, sigh, sniff, sniff. It is the beginning of the "lasts". There is so much here and so many people that we really, really like. We are going to miss all the good and pleasant people and places we have learned to know here.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I have taken the plunge and started a blog, as is obvious if you are reading this! This will be the best place to keep up with us as we move on to new things. I will try to keep it up to date with photos and stories for all of our friends and family. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


This year we chose to stay home for Easter. All went well. We had a good time with friends and just hanging out at home as a family. We did an Easter egg hunt for Ethan. He loved it! The eggs were a big hit. He played with them for a week! I was finding eggs EVERYWHERE in the house as he made is own egg hunts.

Ode to a Camellia

This spring I have thoroughly enjoyed my camellia japonica tree. I fell in love with camellia trees at Longwood Gardens. Ever since I have dreamed of having my own tree. I was thrilled when we moved south and I found that they grow very well here.  Last spring Jeremiah bought me one for Mother's Day and we nurtured it over the past year. Now it is blooming and I am enjoying every minute of it, seeing as we will be moving north where camellias do not grow.