Friday, May 22, 2009

Ethan's 4th Birthday part II

Ethan is now four. We had a party for him yesterday. John and Ginny, and Sam and Bethany came for dinner and than Matt and Chrissy Drew joined us for cake later. We had a great time. The kids had fun.

Ethan with his excavator cake

Hans enthralled by Sam blowing up and "squeaking" the balloons (is there a technical term for let the air out of a balloon in a long, annoying shriek?!).

opening presents

Hans not quite understanding that ALL of the presents were for Ethan

Jeremiah not quite understanding that ALL . . .

Ethan showing me his markers

Grandma Miller, Ethan, Bethany and Sam

Water guns!!

trying out those water guns

cake time!
Those candles can be difficult at times. He actually got to close and singed his lip. Birthdays can be dangerous!

Our 4 year old!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

birthday part I

On Saturday we celebrated Ethan's 4th birthday with my family. He had a great time.

reading the card, "com'n mom, lets open the gift!"


Checking out the frogs from Aunt Elizabeth

Reading the box

Hans getting in on the action.

Jourdan, Hans, Mom, Ethan, me

Playing outside afterwards. All of the other pictures of Hans were blurry:) He just doesn't hold still! He loved the dog.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

artsy leaves

I couldn't pass up the shape and color of these leaves on my mom's Japanese Maple.


Ok, so I have received a few comments about the lack of photos of myself, so here I am! I am almost six months pregnant and all is going well. I appreciate the fact that I never get that big that fast when I am pregnant. It is just the way it works for me.


Last weekend we went home (PA) to visit my family and attend my cousin's wedding. We took the boys to the wedding because we couldn't find a babysitter. What an adventure! They did good, but it wasn't nearly as relaxing as some weddings are:)

Hans gearing up for the evening. This was pre-wedding and he maintained this attitude of nixy-ness all evening. He was just busy.

Hans and Jeremiah

Jourdan and Mom at the reception

Georgia, Kari, and Elizabeth (cousins and sister)

Herschel and Alex (cousins)

Look at that lovely lady!

Ethan and Mom

Thursday, May 7, 2009

grape leaves

I love these!!

say "cheese"

I now have some new photos. We have been enjoying the lovely weather and I have let my pictures and posting slide. There is just so much more to do outside! The garden is mostly in and the flower beds are filling out. I love it!

Various stages of "cheese"


Hans displaying his new bib

"Eeth" (Hans' version of Ethan)

The wonderful coffee bean grinder: it calls the boys from all corners of the house when they hear it turn on. It is such a fascination!!