Tuesday, September 21, 2010

job well done

Today I canned pears by myself. A little intimidating, but turned out well and I have gained another notch in my belt as a homemaker:)

While I was earning my notch, Hans was up to his usual, unattended mischief. After I put Anya to bed I heard her fussing more than normal. I went up to investigate. I looked for Hans and could not find him anywhere. I opened Anya's door and there they both were, in Anya's bed!! Anya had a big bruise on her head. Who knows how that got there; Hans doesn't and Anya can't talk!
Later I went to check on Hans in his room and it smelled refreshingly eucalyptus-ly. Hmmm. Sure enough, He got the Vicks off the dresser and applied it to his belly, "to make my bones grow!" LOL!!! I laugh as I steer him done the hall to get cleaned up or disciplined, whichever is necessary. Sometimes I question the fairness of punishing him for things that entertain me so much!! It certainly makes it more difficult to keep a straight face while explaining obedience:)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Anya conquered the stairs yesterday! oh boy! I was upstairs with Hans and she came up to join us. I got the gate out right away:)

SHe loves wearing these goggles:)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First day of School!

Today our 17 + year saga of kids in school begins! Ethan started kindergarten today. He was very excited and he did good. He went for one hour and he picked to have Jeremiah go with him. They rode the bus and got a tour of the school. I think he will do very well.

Hans trying to stay out of mischief at the bus stop!

early morning shenanigans

Hans being Harry Potter
*if you want an explanation I can give you one,
and No, we are not reading Harry Potter to our kids*


The light was just beautiful Saturday morning. There was a rainbow and it was so pretty I actually took a picture of it, which was breaking a personal standard. Rainbows are only stunning and beautiful in person, photos of them fall so far short, they just look cheesy.