Friday, June 19, 2009

Morning at the nature center

Every Thursday this past winter we got together with a group of Moms and their kids from church for play group. It has been a great way to learn to know other moms in the area. I am so thankful for the new friends I am making.
On Monday a few of us went to a local nature center for an outing. It was fun. We searched in vain to find the spot where we could feed chickadees from our hands. In the end we fed our precious bird seed to a squirrel. We think this happens often because the squirrels were lurking along the path and would willing come surprisingly close.

Ethan looking at birds of prey in a rehabilitation sanctuary

Ethan, Hans and Julia

L to R: Laurie & Sydney, me and baby in belly, Jessica & Lily, Sarah & Saphir
Ethan, Hans, Sam and Julia

We had to take a break for the babies to eat. This is nature lessons with Jessica. They were looking for frogs and turtles.

Ethan and Julia

Julia and Hans

Sam and Hans being boys

feeding the squirrel

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunday evening picnic

On Sunday night we had dinner on the porch at John and Ginny's house. It was very pleasant.

Hans smelling the flowers, getting ready to rip the flower off!





Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hans the mischevious

Hans is a joy. He also has and incredible penchant for mischief. I feel I am running in circles to keep up with him.

It took him 30 seconds do empty this tissue box! Jeremiah was in the same room and only turned his back for 30 seconds.

The new game with Daddy

Ready to leap!


So happy:)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We are doing well. It is finally warm and sunny. Hurray! I am feeling well and baby is doing good. Hans is the source of the latest adventure. Yesterday he managed to dislocate his elbow again. I don't know how it happened. He was upstairs and I was in the kitchen. I came up and found him sitting by the futon and crying. Ethan, who was engrossed in Veggie Tales, didn't give me much info, other than "I didn't do it" and "I think he bit his lip."

So, off to the pediatrician, who fortunately was still open. Jeremiah met us there on his way home from work. They fixed it right there and all is well. We can't even tell there was something wrong. Thank the Lord for simple problems and easy fixes. The Dr showed us how to relocate it, so if it happens in the future we can try ourselves. Hmmm.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hans' first hair cut

Hans got his first hair cut last night. It went well. He held as still as a 19 month can:)

I love this.

Bonus: Hans watching Jeremiah fix the window pane Ethan broke.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

random catch ups

Hello! Hello! We are doing well. I guess it has been a little bit, so this will be a brief catch up on the latest and greatest:)
Memorial Day weekend Jeremiah began our summer house projects; he installed a new closet in our room and put a new roof on the mud room. We spent Sunday at the lake with the extended Miller family. That is always fun and relaxing.
This past week was busy with random things, none to news worthy. The only real event was the capture and release of the groundhog who was raiding our garden. I was ready to get the gun out and shoot him from the kitchen window. As this is not legal in town limits and I was sure the behavior was VERY close to redneck-ness, I declined. We got a live animal trap and once he was trapped, transported our lucky friend to a new home on the other side of the river. The garden is recovering and I am hoping to be able to get spinach and lettuce yet before it gets to warm, which there doesn't seem to be much danger of in the near future.

Jeremiah working on the roof

The new closet

The boys: they were crawling around the house with their heads on the floor. I do not understand, but they were amused.



Hans watching Daddy come home

Jeremiah and the boys transporting the groundhog to his new home.