Saturday, August 30, 2008


Life is going well. We are settling in bit by bit and it feels nice. Today we are going to begin painting and working on projects on the house. It is exciting to begin putting our style on our home. The present colors and styles seem to be at least 6 years old. Hmmm. Time for a change!  Now that we have a camera I have a whole batch of pictures of the boys again. They keep me busy and amused:) 
One more recent adventure. Aunt Earon found a monarch caterpillar for Ethan. We put it in a mason jar and it is now in its cocoon. He is watching for it to become a butterfly. It is a pretty fun science project, just as long as it is not sitting on the kitchen counter. I just couldn't cook with a caterpillar on the counter!!

Ethan making a tart with left over pie dough

Mischief 101

Ethan was feeding "candy" (wood blocks) to Hans. He likes to pretend he is in the parade throwing candy to people who are watching. We discourage the actual throwing:)

playing piano

working under the table

mud eater!!

Whenever Hans gets out in the porch he heads straight for this plant and starts eating dirt, and does not stop until we catch him! He seems to like it! We find his mouth full of mud. YECK!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

new camera


Sorry for the great lapse in posts. We have been busy. There is so much to do when one is moving in. There always seem to be a limitless list of things I want to do in this house. It is not yet to my standard of clean, orderly and style. I am ready to go charging at all of my imagined projects, and yet we must do the day to day, eat lunch, change diapers, read stories and keep everyone happy, clothed and fed. That seems to use up almost all of the time I have and what is left is good time to RELAX, not work! 
The boys are doing well. Hans just started pulling himself up to the furniture this week. I will soon have two boys on the go. I am thankful for each day that Hans is not yet running after Ethan:) Hans also just finished working on teeth numbers 5 and 6. Ethan continues to be fascinated with farming and tractors. He enjoys the new house and the yard and I think he is slowly learning all of its benefits. 
This past weekend we went down to PA for my cousins wedding. It was so marvelous to see family again. We had a great time. 
Another event in our lives: we got a new camera! Pictures have returned to the blog! Yeah! Here are some from this weekend. 

Hope, Charis, Joelle and Heidi

Charis and Hope


Family visit

A couple of weeks ago my family came up to visit and see our new house. We had a great time. Mom and I ended up doing a batch of pickles and 1/2 a bushel of green beans. some way to spend a relaxing vacation weekend?:) We also took some time to introduce them to Letchworth State Park. It was so very nice to have them here and show them around.

Hans and Uncle Jourdan


My siblings