Friday, February 20, 2009

"A Jonah Day"

Well, at least a Jonah morning (quote from L. M. Montgomery):) I have a cold and I am recovering, but it is taking me a while. Jeremiah stayed home yesterday and I stayed on the couch all day. Today I thought it would work for him to go to work, but mid morning I found I just could hardly do anything, I was so tired. He kindly came home, got the kids, and me, lunch and afterwards cleaned up the kitchen including emptying the dishwasher from yesterday and taking care of the breakfast dishes. He is wonderful! I am hoping that by Monday I will be recovered and back on my feet again. 

As for the "Jonah" morning, the boys seemed to have a special bent for mischief today. I went upstairs to use the bathroom and when I came down I found both of them on chairs pulled up to the dishwasher. A lemon cake, in its' container, but upside down, was on the top of the dishwasher. Ethan was informing me, between licking cake crumbs off the counter, that Hans had pulled a chair up and got the cake " . . because he wanted a piece and he (Ethan) was trying to keep him from getting it." There were cake crumbs all over the other counter as well. I rescued the cake and put everyone back on the floor. 
Later in the morning I put Ethan in charge and I went down to the basement to change laundry. When I returned I found Hans licking yogurt out of a cup he had just pulled from the trash can. Ethan jubilantly reported that Hans had taken an eggshell from the trash and had tried to eat it, but they had crumbled it up and put it down the heater vent. The truth of the statement was attested to by a trail of broken eggshell and substantial pile in the bottom of the vent. Oh yeah! I was so tired I decided it was snack time, and thus time to restrain everyone to the kitchen table, Hans especially restrained in his chair. 
Now I know why all the books on mothering pre-schoolers show women with disheveled hair and worn out faces! And yet, for all that, my boys are a joy and I do love being a Mom: ) It is so dear when Ethan tells me he loves me or I get to watch Hans discover some new thing or bend over to investigate the threads in the rug:) 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Here are some new photos:

"I like the tractor, the tractor! I like the tractor . . "

The next several are of the boys opening the Valentine's Day package that Grandma Martin sent us. They loved it!

making dinner

Monday, February 9, 2009

A Balmy Monday

A happy Monday afternoon to you! We are in the midst of a winter thaw and it is quite delightful. My Virginia trained weather perceptions are telling me that this is the beginning of Spring! Yeah! Get out the shovel and the seeds we will be digging in the dirt soon. I must continually and sternly remind them that we are now in New York and there will be another month or more of snow and winter . . . the ground hog said so:) 
In other news, Ethan got pink eye this weekend, the first bout we have ever had to deal with. So, we spent Saturday morning at the mall, liberally and unknowingly spreading our germs about and than we spent part of the afternoon at the after hours center so we could get the antibiotics we needed. He has been recovering well. Today he seems most back to himself. The rest of us still are pink free and we are praying we remain so. 
The boys and I took full advantage of our sunny day. I hung the laundry out and they played on the patio, than we went for a walk. Hans just loved it outside. He did not want in the stroller to go for a walk and he most ardently protested going inside. Here are some pictures from the day. 

I know, more underwear, but his face is so cute!

Conversation during this picture:
me: Ethan, look at the camera and smile
Ethan: no, if I smile I can't be digging

The "smile" after some coaxing

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


We just wanted to let you all know that we are expecting our third child:) We found out around Christmas and we are quite excited to welcome this little one in August. Everything is going well. I am just about 3 months along and feeling pretty good. I get very tired these days, but I have not been sick, so I am thankful. Our due date is August 25th. I had an ultrasound yesterday so you can all enjoy a picture of the newest Miller!