Monday, October 26, 2009

Hans is 2!

Hans turned 2 yesterday. We had a little party in the evening. It was fun. He thoroughly enjoyed his "happy birthday to you!" As he kept calling his cake.
Now I am working on recovering from a cold or something that has made me tired and given me a fever and headache and such. I hope to be able to thoroughly enjoy my "happy birthday to you!" tomorrow!!

The birthday man and his new tricycle!

Ethan had to try it out too.

of course you can always put two people on the trike!

Becky and Anya and the golden blur.

Jeremiah and Hans

The balloon cake

Hans very focused on what was happening to his cake

Opening presents

Wrestling! Our neighbor's daughter joined right into the fray.

Friday, October 23, 2009

the latest

Just a few photos to show you what we are up to and how everyone is doing.

Hans and Ethan playing in and raking all of the leaves that dumped off our black walnut tree in a couple of hours one morning.

Hans and I had coffee and a muffin the other morning while we were waiting to pick up Ethan from preschool. Hans makes a great model for the "moody" coffee shop style, doesn't he?:)

Anya Joy, who is 8 weeks old!! How time flies!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


A day at the races!

Yesterday we went to the Hunt Races. It was a cool, cloudy day to start. Kind of chilly for wandering around on a hillside. However, it cleared up and we had a great time. The boys got to go for pony rides and a wagon ride. We brought our picnic lunch along, which we ate in the van. In the afternoon we got to watch two races. It was lots of fun to watch the races. It does mama's heart proud to introduce my boys to the equestrian world:)

Ethan riding his pony

Hans hamming it up and smiling at everything. He wanted to try out ALL of the ponies and ALL of the helmets:)

Anya's thoughts on the day

Lunch in the van

A beautiful sight!

clearing the fences!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Fall weekend

Lots and lots of pictures! My family visited us last weekend. We had a lot of fun. I will explain with pictures:)

Hans, me o my! He smeared PB&J in his hair at lunch, hence the do! He was playing with the vacuum suction and making this face. How funny!

Anya and Ethan

Michelle, Ethan and Hans

Jeremiah and Anya

Hi! Here I am:)

Mom and Ethan

Dad and Hans

Everyone checking out the falls.

Hans' early birthday party

opening presents

A new monkey!

Dad, Hans and Jourdan

Anya's baby dedication